Our Board

Our Mission Directors make up our solid core plastic and reconstructive surgery teams

Rick Silverman, MD
Cofounder and President, Plastic Surgeon

Favorite Memory:

Luis Toapanta came to us in 1998, a 5-year old who had never walked due to burn contractures of his leg and feet sustained at age 2. His legs were scarred in such a way that both knees were bent and prevented any sort of ambulation. We released the scars of his legs allowing him to straighten them—and walk! At the final clinic on Saturday, we watched him take his first steps toward his mother, all of us joyfully watching while tears ran down our faces.


Susan McCormack
Mission Co-Director & Director of Speech Services

Favorite Memory:

I have participated in over 30 missions and there are so many profound experiences and memories. One thing that always surprises me is the number of patients who return even when we are not going to operate on them, they don’t need any speech or hand therapies. They come to say hello and offer their profound thanks. It is very humbling. At times, even townspeople who were not patients, will come throughout the week to say hello, shake our hands and maybe offer a bag of treats or fruits.

Alan Babigian, MD
Mission Director, Plastic and Hand Surgeon

Favorite Memory:

My favorite HAW moments are bringing my sons along with me on the mission trips and experiencing the wonder of the trips, like new, through their eyes! I am planning to bring my daughters on future trips, so they can also share in the life-changing experience!



Janice Lalikos, MD
Mission Director, Plastic Surgeon

Favorite Memory:

My favorite memory was seeing the grandmother … I think it was her granddaughter who gave her the mirror to look at herself. Both of those faces …

Charles Castiglione, MD
Mission Director, Plastic Surgeon

Favorite Memory:

When I first joined HAW, I was extremely impressed by all of the many great people involved in the group, and the incredible quality of care provided to our very grateful and deserving families. The entire experience is so awesome that I have brought family members to join us and assist. They enjoyed the comraderie of the group, loved our patients, and were humbled by the experience.



Robert Stephenson, MD
Director of Anesthesia Services

Favorite Memory:

One memory that sticks with me is about a young girl from Coca that we operated on during our first year there. She was about seven years old and had been burned on her ear and side of her head.

With surgery, we repaired her ear and performed a skin graft. Five years later, we returned to Coca, and I recognized this girl. Her burn scars were not visible. I pulled up a picture of her from five years ago to show her. She became emotional and gave me a huge hug. Experiences like this make every trip worthwhile.

Christopher Hughes, MD
Director of Research

Favorite Memory:

I will always remember my first trip with Hands Across the World. Steve and Rick taught me so much about plastic surgery, but more about how to work within a community and
together as a team. On that trip we released a severe neck contracture on a patient who’d been badly burned, and it immediately improved her quality of life. Together, we were able to positively impact someone in need, and although it’s a necessarily imperfect offering, that’s what it’s all about.


Mauricio Villamar

Mauricio Villamar, MD
Director of Resources

Favorite Memory:

As an Ecuadorian who lived and worked in the Amazon, I know that people in rural areas of Ecuador can have very limited access to reconstructive surgery. I have been fortunate to meet many people who received truly life-changing care thanks to Hands Across the World. This is extremely gratifying, and serves as a constant reminder of my mission as a physician.”

Timothy Mayo, RN
Director of Nursing

Favorite Memory:

My first trip, working as an RN with my former boss Joe Jordan, as an equal and having a blast, as well as the first surgery on Christian. An amazing 1st neck release that had to be done prior to intubation.

Timothy Mayo


Holly Pap
Administrative Director & Marketing

Favorite way to help:

It’s a tremendous honor for me to support our team in any way behind the scenes, as they truly change the lives of those in need. When I have been able to go on a mission, it’s a joy to scrub or mop or clean up. Everything needs to get done and it’s a pleasure to serve!

Mark D’Alessandro
Advisor, Hospitality

Favorite way to help:

My favorite way to help HAW is to keep us relevant so that the public sees the work we do.


Dr. Pap

In the loving memory of

Dr. Stephen Pap
Cofounder, Plastic and Hand Surgeon 9/29/1963 – 3/12/2013

Dr. Pap died at the age of 49 from ALS. Hands Across the World remembers his dedicated work and love of his charity.