Our Sponsors

Hands Across the World is immeasurably grateful to each and every donor that has supported our work. Every penny helps. Sponsors, whether a company, or possibly an individual like you, make all of our work possible.

Since essentially 95% of every penny donated goes directly to patient care, anyone who gives to Hands Across the World can be assured that their contributions are truly changing lives.

We especially want to thank and highlight these sponsors and individuals who have been so generous to our organization:


Bose Corporation
A.M. DePrisco Wellesley
Mystic River Contracting
Columbus Hospitality Group
Talia Don Jewelry
BKB & Co.
Ann Christensen
Rotary Club of Latacunga
Fundacion Solidaria de Orellana in Coca
Fundacion Tierra Nueva in Quito

Gold-Level Individuals:

Tom & Phyllis Froeschle
Brian & Michelle Zeno
Rodrigo Santamarina, M.D.
Michael Kurt
Al Roberts
Bill Ritzi
Lee Silverman
Mark Cahill
Suzanne Swarztrauber
Tony Schena, M.D.
Joe Upton, M.D.
Deborah Aubee
Stephen & Joyce Tibbets
Neal & Marjorie Lackritz
Phil D’amato

Ursula Bose
Leslie & Suzanne Carter
Gary Setnik, M.D.
Paul & Maureen Kulinski
Edwin & Anne Johnson
Robert & Donna Maresca
Prema Bose
Marissa Matarrese
Elaine & Robert Lang
Richard & Denise Langfield
Dr. Scott and Mary Beth Litofsky
John Dowd
Deirdre Lorusso
William Ritzi
Noah Lovitz-Wofson


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In the loving memory of

Dr. Stephen Pap

Cofounder, Plastic and Hand Surgeon 9/29/1963 – 3/12/2013

Dr. Pap died at the age of 49 from ALS. Hands Across the World remembers his dedicated work and love of his charity.